As an artist, I make work about the things that matter to me - social movements, queer and trans lives, racial, gender, and economic justice, community, and the people that I love. I use a variety of techniques including traditional linocut prints, watercolor, pen and ink drawing, and embroidery. For posters and illustrations, I often work digitally. I welcome requests for custom projects and I am especially interested in working with grassroots social justice organizations, community groups, and campaigns.  

I also have other projects besides art:

AORTA (Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance): My full-time work.  AORTA is a collective of educators devoted to strengthening movements for social justice and a solidarity economy. We work as consultants and facilitators to expand the capacity of cooperative, collective, and community based projects through education, training, and planning.  We base our work on an intersectional approach to liberation because we believe that true change requires uprooting all systems of oppression. 

Enough: The Personal Politics of Resisting Capitalism: Enough is a space for conversations about how a commitment to wealth redistribution plays out in our lives: how we decide what to have, what to keep, what to give away; how we work together to build sustainable grassroots movements; how we challenge capitalism in daily, revolutionary ways.

POOR Magazine: POOR Magazine is a poor people led/indigenous people led non-profit grassroots arts and media organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, arts, education, and solutions from youth, adults and elders in poverty across Pachamama.